The Rules of LPC 2024 will be published soon


Livornoclassica Music Association announces the 8th Edition of Livorno Piano Competition.
The competition will take place in Livorno from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29 September 2024 and will be held in Teatro Goldoni, Livorno.
Livorno Piano Competition consists of a Preliminary round based on the invoice of a video together with the application and three rounds in Livorno in front of the Jury.
Livornoclassica reserves the right to make changes or additions to the rulement or cancel the Competition due to force majeure. In this case Livornoclassica will entirely refund the application fees.
Audience is allowed at all stages of the competition.


Livorno Piano Competition is opened to pianists of all nationalities from the age of 16 and under 33 years old at the beginning of the competition (Wednesday 25th September 2024).
Candidates who have family relationship or have had continuous teaching relationships with one or more jury members will not be admitted to the Competition. Occasional participation at masterclass will not be cause of exclusion.


Each contestant will be informed by email about the application process, admission, rehearsal and audition schedule; absence at check-in without any justified reason will determine the exclusion from the competition.
Auditions will take place in alphabetic order, according to the drawing of the letter which will published together with the admitted contestant’s list.
Rooms with pianos to practice during the competition will be provided.

Travel and accomodation

Travel and accommodation expenses are borne by the competitors. Facilities and agreements with hotels, B&B, private apartments can be checked on this website in the News section by the end of July.

Musical program


videos lasting between 15 and 20 minutes

Contestants will send a link to a video on You Tube or other platforms (either public or private videos are accepted); a fixed shooting angle and clear visibility of face and hands are required. The performed pieces can either be all in the same recording session or recorded separately; there must not be any cut inside a single piece or movement.

The video will feature:
1) First movement of a Sonata by Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn or Mozart
2) One etude
3) repertoire at contestant’s choice. Other movements of the same sonata as 1) are accepted as well as movements from other sonatas or suites.

Any piece from the Preliminary round program can be repeated, at contestant’s choice, during the Competition in Livorno.
A maximum number of 45 contestants will be admitted to the First round in Livorno


maximum duration 18 minutes

program of free contestant choice
A maximum number of 14 contestants will be admitted to the Semifinal round


maximum duration 40 minutes

A Sonata chosen from the works of Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn or Mozart must be included. The rest of the program is at free choice*
Only exception regarding the total time can be made in case of Beethoven’s op.106.
A maximum number of 5 contestants will be admitted to the Final round


maximum duration 40 minutes

free contestant’s choice*

*At least one composition written after 1900 must be included in the Semifinal or Final round program.
All performed pieces must be published and performance from memory is not required. The same piece cannot be performed in different rounds (except for the Preliminary round video).
Single movements of sonatas will not be accepted during First round, Semifinals and Finals.

Jury and voting system

The jury’s decision is irrevocable. The jury reserves the right to stop the performance in case the time limit be exceeded.
After first and second round the selection will be made according to the number of YES achieved by each contestant. In case of tie the jury will vote again in order to determine which contestants will get to the following round.
After the Finals the decision will be made upon a system based upon marks.
In the final judge the Jury will keep into consideration all three rounds.
After the end of the Competition the results with the choices made by each juror will be displayed on Livorno Piano Competition’s website.

Application and participation

Applications will be accepted starting from Wednesday 15 May until Monday 01 July, 2024 at 24:00 italian hour.
The application form, downloadable in the “application” section of this website, must be filled and sent by email at together with all the required documents and the link to the video for the Preliminary round. Please specify in the “object” field of the email: “application to Livorno Piano Competition 2024”.
The receipt of payment of 70 euros, net of bank expenses, must be attached to the email as association fee at Livornoclassica.
By Saturday 20 July candidates will be notified by email about their admission to the competition; the admitted candidates will have time until Saturday 27 to confirm their application with the payment of a participation fee of 50 euros. Candidates who will fail to complete the procedure will be excluded from participation.
Some candidates, not included in the lot of 45 admitted but positively judged during the preselection, can be placed in a waiting list and possibily invited to complete their application during the days following July, 27.
At the end of the application procedure the list of admitted contestants will be published on this website along with the result of extracting the letter from which the auditions will begin.
Registration implies unconditional compliance with every part of the rulement.



euro 6.000,00*
- First Prize Diploma and Plate
(5000 euros will be payed within 30 days from the end of the competition, the remaining 1000 to be payed after the recitals in Toscana)
- Concerto as soloist with orchestra offered by the Goldoni Theater Foundation in Livorno during symphonic season 2024-2025
- Recital for Mediterranean Music Association in Trapani
- Recital in one of the concert series for La Società dei Concerti di Milano
N.B. For what concerns recitals agreements concerning fees / reimboursement of expenses will be taken directly between the winner and the Institutions.
- Recital tour in Toscana ( Livornoclassica, Museo Piaggio in Pontedera, Sinfonia in Lucca, Lyceum di Firenze) coordinated by Livornoclassica. The winner will receive from Livornoclassica the last part of the prize (1000 euros) and will be offered accomodation during the tour
- Premio “ARTE”, offered by Galleria d’Arte Athena, consisting in a work of art made by the artist Roberto Pampana


euro 2.500,00*
- Second Prize Diploma
(2000 euros will be payed within 30 days from the end of the competition, the remaining 500 to be payed after the recital in Livorno)


euro 1.000,00*
- Third Prize Diploma


euro 700,00*
- Fourth Prize Diploma


euro 500,00*
- Fifth Prize Diploma

Special awards

"Antonio Bacchelli" Special award

euro 500,00*
Awarded by the Jury to a finalist for the best interpretation of repertoire of XX or XXI century performed during the semifinal or the final round.

Young Jury Special award

euro 200,00*
awarded to a finalist by a panel of students

* Money prizes will be awarded gross of the withholding tax.

It is not possible to share the 1st prize.
It is not possible to share the 1st prize.
A Finalist diploma will be awarded to non-prizewinner Finalists, should there be any
A Semifinalist diploma will be awarded to semifinalists.


Candidates with the inscription authorize LIVORNOCLASSICA, pursuant to art.97 of the Law on copyright, to make audio-video recordings of their performance and feature it on any digital platform (YouTube or others) and to publish photos in promotional material of the Association. In relation to this candidates cannot advance any right or financial request towards Livornoclassica.
According to art. 13 and 14 of GDPR (UE 2016/679 About Privacy) all data provided at registration will be used only to send communications related to the contest excluding any other use.
The organization accepts no liability in respect of any injury to persons and / or property during the course of the competition.